Sigma Mu Omega and Inclusivity 

Sigma Mu's Partnership with Harpers Playground

Sigma Mu Omega hosts a philanthropy event each year that takes place in February. In the previous years, the event has sold out and has raised over $3,000 for Harper’s Playground.

What is Harper's Playground

     Harper’s Playground main focus is to make a more inclusive world, one playground at a time. It was founded in 2009 by the Goldberg family (Cody, April, Lennon, and Harper). The park was named after 5-year-old Harper Goldberg. Their mission was to have a park where children and adults of all abilities can play together. They wanted to make a better world through three powerful and important words; Community, Inclusion, and Play! Especially noting that play is the gateway to vitality. It helps people think critically, improves mood, and promotes a sense of belonging and community. Harper’s Playground is a playground for everyone.

Why It's Important To Us

Sigma choose Harper’s Playground us our philanthropy organization for various reasons. The top reasons being our connection to the Goldberg family, location, and more importantly the cause.


When a fellow sister, Abbey Bell, introduced us to the organization we felt Harper’s Playground was for us. We connected on wanting to make parks more accessible for everyone. For most of us, we never saw anything wrong with the most well-known playground around our cities, and after hearing how those playgrounds could be improved, we knew we wanted to be involved in this process.


Secondly, the idea of our organizations being local really helps us work together to help support Harper’s Playground. Sigmas have had the pleasure of visiting the playground and meeting the Goldberg family on many occasions. This has helped us create a better foundation with the organization.


In order to help Harper’s Playground, we have raised money through our philanthropy event, Sigma's Playdate, and participated in various other events on campus.