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Sigma Mu Omega’s previous philanthropy event took place a few days before Valentine’s Day in February. In past years, the event has sold out with raising over $3,000 for Harper’s Playground.


Dateable paired sorority women with men nominated by their fraternity brothers to be made over into the ultimate dateable man. Teams were comprised of two women from a sorority and one man from each of the fraternities they are paired with. They will have made a video of their journey of transformation, find a talent, and study for the judges' question for the Q&A. Winners of the event would take home prize money for their philanthropy organization.


Sigma's came to the agreement that Dateable was very gendered, and more importantly, had almost nothing to do with our philanthropy organization, Harper's Playground. Miranda Harding, 2018-2019 VP of Philanthropy, created the idea of a new philanthropy event: Sigma's Playdate. It's a competitive obstacle course in which fraternities and sororities have the opportunity to create teams to face off against each other relay style.


The obstacle course contains five sections where competitors must maneuver a wheelchair down a ramp and through cones, hop through a set of tires, climb over bar stools, navigate through limbo bars, and lastly search for beanbags while blindfolded. The winning team receives a trophy, bragging rights, and prize money for their philanthropy.


Sigma is proud of our new take on our philanthropy event not only because it's fun, but also it's more in line with Harper's Playground's values of play and accessibility. We look forward to improving and continuing the event over the years. ​



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