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Sigma Mu Omega formed in 2003 as the University of Oregon’s only local Jewish sorority. Founded on the pillars of sisterhood, scholarship and service, our sorority is committed to maintaining close-knit relationships between our sisters, giving our members opportunities to be leaders, and encouraging members to get involved in service opportunities. We are proud to be a part of the Multicultural Greek Council at the University of Oregon and enjoy getting involved with other UO houses through philanthropies and social events. 

Every year we continue to grow as a sisterhood. Our members work hard to run our sisterhood effectively, working closely together to make decisions and ensure that we protect the values most important to us.

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A letter from our president


“Many Minds, One Sisterhood”

    As a child, I always thought that everyone thought like me. That the way I saw the world, was how everyone saw the world. I was extremely naïve, and believed that the world completely functioned in according to my own personal blueprint. But how boring would the world be if that were true? Everyone would be drinking Dr. Pepper and exclaiming how awesome history is! The fact is, life isn’t made up of an individual belief system. It is comprised of billions of different systems that constantly interact with one another. We’re lucky to see this phenomenon in our daily lives, and especially within Sigma Mu.

    One of my biggest concerns when debating whether or not I should join a sorority was not being able to be myself. That my weird, quirky interests and ideas wouldn’t get to flourish in such intimidating groups of women. Luckily, I met a member of Sigma Mu Omega and was able to see how different their community was to the sororities I had seen. They were warm, welcoming, and most importantly, relaxed. There seemed to be no hesitation; no fear in letting everyone see who you were. After one night of laughing and eating pizza, I knew that I had found something special within this group of women.

    Since then, I’ve experienced a wonderful year with Sigma Mu Omega, and I know that we can share opinions and interests without any discouragement. The motto “Many minds, One sisterhood” holds true, and it’s why we can grow and accomplish so much together. With diversity of thought, ideas, and plans can grow and become much better. It grants us a home where we don’t have to hide our thoughts, and even feel comfortable sharing them. The best part is that this doesn’t divide us, it only makes our foundation and connections stronger. It allows us to grow, not only as students, but as individuals. 

    Sigma Mu Omega provides a unique experience for women of all backgrounds. We promote diversity, growth, and strong relationships. We strive to be open and understanding, and can only advance with such traits. I’ve loved being a part of this family, and I encourage other women out there to find their second home here at University of Oregon within Sigma Mu Omega. 




Montana Thorner 

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